Why BigWig?

We create authentic connections

We believe in the power of people. People that use their unique skills, their talent and their ambition to help an organisation grow. We also believe in inspired organisations that put their people at the forefront of what they do. And we especially believe in creating connections between the two.

We’ve never done things at pace. We’ve pushed ahead, worked harder, listened better. Bold when needed, persistent - but only when it makes sense to be. And we find our greatest success in the details that others often overlook.

Above all we connect with your vision. And together we’ll help you reach it, by bringing you the workforce that can take your company forward.

A well-oiled Headhunting engine

Tough when it matters

The person you’re looking for is as important as the role you’re trying to fill, and they are not always the same. We don’t send our clients a load of CVs as potentials. We do our homework. Find out the kind of character that would fit. We’re tough in how we find talent, and even tougher throughout our qualifying stage. A shortlist isn’t just a list - it’s a carefully prepared selection of the right people we know would match your ambitions.

We might not work with you

You read that right. We try to ensure we only work with 20% of the local market. That gives us 80% of the market to tap into to find the talent you need. Being selective works in your favour. And if you’re one of our clients. You’re in luck.

Expertly trained, makes a difference.

Just as our Co-Founders were rigorously trained in the art of Headhunting, so to are all our team members. We teach. We coach. We help. We encourage. The sharper we are, the better quality we can deliver. So when we come to the table the advice is educated, insightful and valuable - at the highest level possible.

We’re recruitment entrepreneurs

When you’re a talent hunter, you never sleep. You’re constantly on the lookout. You’re actively looking during every waking hour. It’s inbred into you. And that means we’re not sat back waiting for CVs to appear or spending a few minutes on LinkedIn. It’s a widespread approach - on multiple channels - always.

Brutally honest

If we think we can help. We will. If we think we have synergy, we’ll work hard and long to bring you results. We’re not going to waste anyone’s time, when time has become such a precious commodity these days. So if it won’t work, can’t work or might not work, we’ll tell you. Respect is a given.

Who we are

As a team, we bridge the talent gap. We work as enablers for growth, because we
believe that with the right team, everything is possible.

team karl


If there’s two things I know. It’s the power of bringing the right people together and finding solutions to challenging problems.

I’ve developed these skills over 20 years of working in the recruitment business, for some of the largest and most renowned banking institutions in London and Frankfurt.

It’s through high powered networking and a genuine interest in the people I meet that I’m able to see unique connections. Connections that can create opportunity, growth - success.

We’ve turned our attention to Malta with a mission to bring the island’s business world a new experience in the journey of finding exceptional talent.

Spending more time with my wife and beautiful baby girl is just the icing on the cake.

team david


Two work passions in life, radio, recruitment. And I have been doing both for more than 20 years. Some would say my mouth is my greatest asset (make of that what you will), I like to think it's my brain.

I’m known for my ability to make people feel comfortable around me. And that’s served me well working in industries where it’s always about people first.

With almost 20 years of first hand experience in the executive recruitment scene in London, Frankfurt, Milan and Paris - with a special emphasis on Investment Banking markets, I’m passionate about bringing Maltese businesses that same level of service.

Slick attention to detail, authentic business relationships and real listening skills. BigWig are the team you come to, when you want things done, and done well.

team steve


I love recruitment for a lot of reasons. But if you had to ask me for just one, it would be because life is simply too short to work in a job you don’t enjoy.

If we can help people find their path, find their personal success and in return that can help businesses grow - well that’s happier people and a happy me.

I’m lucky to be part of so many awesome teams, driven by a shared purpose - help the people and the planet.

I work hard at various environmental causes because when I look in my two young daughters eyes I can see that we are only borrowing this planet from them and their children.

We have a duty to make the world a better, greener place - a vision my best friend and I (whom I was lucky to marry) both share.

If you’re hunting for the right talent,
you’ve come to the right team.