• BIGWIG is not a CV mailing house.
  • We won’t send you 50 CV’s for a single role and hope for the best. We will screen 50 candidates, and offer up the top 5 most suitable.
  • And… we don’t focus on persons who are actively looking for a job. No, we look to poach the best people, highly regarded with their current employers and get them to your table….
  • Every one of our headhunters goes through a tailor-made training course, to understand in detail how headhunting works so as to waste less of the clients time and provide better results.
  • Always there to provide a stepping stone for carefully chosen candidates.
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  • If you are professional, dynamic, driven and ready for big things, don’t worry. Sooner or later BIGWIG will find you.
  • Don’t call us, we’ll call you.