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Recruitment 08 Aug 2023

5 ways NOT to hire a candidate: Malta

user-img David Ozi Borg
BigWig: Candidates waiting for an interview
With an exciting rise in Malta’s employment opportunities, top corporations enter a race to hunt for new talent - the win is recruiting top skills for your industry.
There is plenty of content on the web about how to hire the right talent for your company, including some insights by our very own David Borg.

We felt that there's an equal importance to understanding how to avoid some common mistakes when hiring…

Here are our best tips on how not to hire the wrong candidate.

1. Being Boring

When applicants think of ‘job description’, ‘sexy’ and ‘fun’ are far from what come to mind during their search. Unfortunately, a limited applicant pool tends to be a symptom of a dull hiring process. Lack of visibility, website bugs and outdated formats are out - simple, clean and direct are in. Missing out on key information or including too much text can really deter applicants, while using images, adding in the key information and updating your website and socials regularly will boost the visibility of the vacancy. Always clearly identify the job requirements when putting yourself out there, don’t be afraid to make the process fun and post about it on social media platforms. Lastly, don’t underestimate the value of exposure and getting your vacancy out there in a clear and enthusiastic manner.

2.   Hiring Bias

We all have an unconscious bias. This can make us accidentally appeal to people who are more like ourselves - both in the interviewing process as well as in the job description. It is therefore important to stay ahead of the game and consider a wide range of hiring strategies that appeal to different candidates. Targeting diverse talent, taking pride in your team and welcoming alternative views not only invites new ideas, but also encourages a thriving, healthy work culture. Consider talent from various backgrounds in the interviewing process, and use varying hiring strategies; social media, networking and hiring headhunters to scout for unique talent - both locally and from overseas! Modern and successful corporations strongly rely on the foundations of a progressive, fair and inclusive team in the sea of forward-thinking global talent, which is very attractive to applicants. Show off your team and their quirks, and consider how new differences in the team can be your biggest strengths…

3.   Time and Talent

With modernisation in the employment field and an inviting climate, Malta is a major hub for talent. Navigating your time in the search for the right candidate is key. With thousands of LinkedIn profiles, a meticulous hiring strategy is required to filter through a sea of prospective talent open to work in Malta.. With the choice of local candidates, and those from abroad, researching who to contact and how can re-shape your company's future and reputation. 

Do you have talent? Perhaps an open vacancy? BigWig headhunters are happy to offer professional services. With over 50 years of combined experience, networks and resources BigWig is based in Malta, hiring for Malta. The BigWig team awant to get to know you as a person, and match you with the right people.
How?..Working with an executive recruiter can aid in keeping interaction confidential and hassle-free. Matching people with people can take years of expertise, networking, research and alliances built over the years and ethical conduct. New HR managers can struggle to seek talent under tight deadlines, and a rushed choice could have a negative impact on the company or create reputation damage at worst. Successful companies opt for working with an executive recruiter - a third party that ethically conducts executive search.  Headhunters can aid your company  in finding the right type of people, not just according to talent, but also based on factors such as personality and the company values. Headhunting is a great point of contact for experience-specific roles, and when contacting passive talent that might not be actively looking for a better opportunity from other companies.

4.   Background Work

Perform checks on the shortlisted individuals to confirm their qualifications and skills. This stage can aid in your comprehension of a candidate's performance and job history. Conducting a series of calls to ensure legitimacy of the candidate is essential in a sphere where many CV’s and job descriptions are automated to match your job description with immaculate precision - often with little to no evidence of actual qualification.
5.    Bad Rejection
If it's a no, do offer constructive feedback: This is an opportunity to make a great impression and represent your company values through the hiring process! Offering the candidate some feedback and talking about their strengths guarantees that you end on a good note. This creates rapport which can have a turnaround effect in future. Additionally,  companies that delay rejections and who have little human interaction with applicants can spill this negative trait into the work culture itself.

The hunt for the right talent can be a lengthy process. Seeking external help from headhunters, who have an extensive list of professional networks in Malta, and from abroad, can aid in your search.

David Ozi Borg

Co-Founder & COO BigWig Headhunters

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