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Recruitment 19 Sep 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Relocate To Malta

user-img David Ozi Borg
Young Asian woman overlooking the Valletta, Malta city skyline with colorful house balconies

As our BigWig office is located in Birkirkara, we thought it was only fair that we share with you some great reasons why YOU, should relocate to Malta, because sharing is caring! Malta truly is a unique country, beautiful sunshine and beaches, friendly communities, and a great night life, but hey don’t take our word for it, listen to the advice from famous traveler Patrick Brydone, who wrote about Malta being ‘the epitome of all Europe’!

1. Language

As Malta is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, with historical links to countries like Spain, Italy & Turkey, Malta is often seen as a cultural melting-pot, and one of the main advantages of this is the range of languages spoken here. Along with the countries already mentioned, it is impossible to ignore the fact that English is one of two official languages! Along with Maltese, English is spoken by the locals, as well as being the main language used between non-Maltese and in the workplace. So there really is no need to worry about a language barrier, as long as you can hold a conversation in English or Italian/Turkish, as Maltese is effectively a blend of all three!

2. Job market

Being part of the Schengen system, Malta is an ideal destination for European professionals looking to make a move to Malta. This system allows the free movement of people within the 26 countries that are part of the Schengen system, meaning that no permits are required to move to Malta as long as you are employed, or even if you fancied a holiday, it allows for a 180-day stay on a single VISA! If you are outside these 26 countries, you will need to obtain a work permit, which is completed by your employer, so don’t worry! As a growing economy, as we will touch upon below, Malta has a job market that is constantly expanding and getting more diverse. No longer is Malta solely a tourist trap, but it boasts a significant foothold in industries like finance, iGaming and construction.

3. Growing economy

In 2022, Malta’s economy grew 6.6% Economic forecast for Malta (, a very healthy amount and GDP per capita, which calculates the average yearly earnings of a citizen, has been rising since the new millennium. Unemployment rates are steadily declining as well, so there really is not a better time to pack your things and make for the Mediterranean! We also recommend observing the current trend in jobs becoming hybrid/remote, as you may be able to move to Malta for work, only to work via laptop and enjoy the perks of this country out-of-hours!

4. Culture


We understand that there is more to life than your job, so we do not blame you for thinking about what you will get up to when you are not working. Another benefit of Malta’s geography is that it is surrounded by water and neighbouring countries with mouth-watering cuisines, whether Italian, Spanish or Turkish is your preference, Malta caters to all palettes! Sliema, Valetta and St. Julians boast a rich array of restaurants for you to enjoy and we highly recommend checking out some seafood spots when they are in season. Before you stroll into a restaurant, we recommend looking at it from the outside first, Malta has really got the most amazing blend of architecture, along with some of the oldest free standing buildings in the world, you can find Baroque, Victorian and Art Deco houses standing shoulder to shoulder on the narrow streets and even narrower pavements! Around every corner there is a surprise!


5. Can’t forget the weather!


Last, but not least, how could we forget the weather! In Malta’s summertime, from June-September, expect temperatures of consistent 30 degrees Celsius, where you can relax on the beach or Malta’s many balconies. Maltese locals like to brag about their 300 days of sunshine a year and who can blame them! Malta’s ‘winter’ typically only really lasts for two weeks, which we can attest is a big factor in relocation! Who doesn’t want to be in a shirt and shorts all year round, we ask you.


We hope we have given you some things to think about when deciding what your future holds, and whether Malta is a good fit for you. Remember, if you have any more questions and are unsure of Malta as a professional destination, get in touch, we will be happy to help out.


David Ozi Borg

Co-Founder & COO BigWig Headhunters

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