BigWig Open for Business in Malta

BigWig Open for Business in Malta

The founders of BigWig Malta are delighted to finally be ready to take the Malta Recruitment Staffing segment by storm. We are four very different guys with four very different characters, which means between us we have all the tools necessary in both business and recruitment to kick the local markets butt. We are very excited. 

We really want to bring an uncommon approach to the local market. We are tradionally headhunters by nature. You may ask, what is a headhunter exactly? And how does BigWig work? Well, were not going to give away secrets on our approach to the market, that wouldn't be too clever would it. But we are hopeful that Malta will enjoy the highly professional and thorough work we do. 

We know we can't work with everyone. And we don't want to. We are selective, we want to work with quality. Clients/companies with a forward thinking corporate mantra and a desire to have the best to be the best. And, career driven professionals, with bundles of energy and a love for what they do. If that describes you or your company, then we want to work with you and sooner or later you'll hear from us. 

It will take us a bit of time to find our feet, but we are excited. Be ready, BigWig has landed and we here to stay...

Watch this space...